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Arrangement Basics

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The Mutually Beneficial Dating Arrangement Relationship

Dating Arrangement Basics for Successful Mentors-Companions Lifestyle

What is Mentor-Companion Dating?

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”  ~ John C. Crosby

Mentor-Companion Dating is a modern relationship arrangement lifestyle that is mutually beneficial to all the individuals involved. Often misleadingly referred to as Sugar Daddy dating arrangement, successful mentors and beautiful companions find each other, make a connection, and enjoy responsible, mature dating without drama. No strings attached until you’re ready to commit. In our Mentor-Companion Dating relationship model, everyone wins and gets what they want.

A generous Mentor is a successful, financially fit man or woman who has the desire and the means to show their appreciation to a younger, attractive individual through gifts or financial help in return for a satisfying dating companionship. What makes a mentor stands apart from a typical sugar daddy, we believe, is his or her generous  sharing of care, experience, knowledge, and insight, in addition to financial help, for example, with college tuition, and other form of support that benefit the companion’s personal and professional growth.

A Companion is an attractive, savvy, confident, sexy, and goal oriented young woman or man who desires to meet and date a generous, successful individual who can provide financial support as a mentor in return for a rewarding dating companionship. The companion has the opportunity to learn from the mentor and benefit from someone who can guide them with experienced insights to help solve problems.

According to relationship experts, a successful relationship requires the following: Connection, Novelty, Certainty, and Contribution. A mutually beneficial mentor-companion dating relationship meets all these steep criteria. Everyone wins from this stress-free dating approach where expectations are clear so you can both relax and simply enjoy the benefits of your arrangement.


What is “Arrangement”?

In a Mentor-Companion dating relationship, an arrangement means making a connection that creates a win-win, satisfying relationship lifestyle which is mutually beneficial to everyone involved.

Our philosophy about successful happy relationships starts with a clear understanding and expectation.  See, for various reasons, many people are not ready to commit to a serious relationship but still want to have the benefits of going out, having fun, and connecting with people who would enjoy their company and sharing mutually rewarding benefits. An arrangement allows you to be direct and open about your expectations up front to minimize any misunderstandings. Maybe it’s just a fun day out, a trip to an exotic place, or advice and financial support, a mutually beneficial arrangement gives you the freedom and empowers you to make the choice that’s best for you. Balance is achieved as all the individuals are equally giving and receiving the sweet rewards that they crave without complications.

When the uncertainty and stress of the traditional commitment-focused dating are removed, individuals are able to relax, be themselves, and be present during their time together without complications and assumptions. Most relationships fail because of miscommunication and unclear expectations that are not mutually beneficial to the individuals. 

In our opinion, “mutually beneficial relationships” should form the basis of all successful dating connections.  After all, don’t we all want to lift others as we climb the ladder of success and happiness in life? Dating and relationships are no different.  It’s all about giving and meeting the needs of one another.

For a young person, traditional relationship with someone their own age is often filled with misunderstandings, and the headache pain far outweighs the benefits.

Life is short and time is money. Why waste your time with the same old dating routine with endless trials and errors hoping for the right match to show up. Find your perfect dating arrangement now and have fun.

Whether you are seeking a beautiful companion, or looking for a generous mentor for a rewarding experience, financial help or even tuition, the odds are in your favor here. Browse and find the ideal dating arrangement that fits your lifestyle today – and brighten someone’s day at the same time.